Music Services

Music can be a big part of your next event!
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PA Rental

PA System Rental, Includes, amp, speakers,
and microphone. We can also provide you with 
a variety of your favorite music for background
and/or dance.

Live Music

Would you like some live music at your party or event but can't afford an entire band? Here is a great option! 
Whether it be Easy Listening, Jazz & Pop Standards, 50's & 60's Rock,  Swing, Country, Motown, or some Rythm and Blues, Sam Lopez delivers. Your patrons will be delighted as this one man band transitions through different styles of music to provide an optimal atmosphere for your listening and dancing entertainment. 

DJ Services

We have the equipment and a large catalog of music.
We'll do the work while you enjoy your guest. Great
for parties, weddings, family reunions, block parties,
special occasions, listening and/or dance!

Karaoke Services

Karaoke is always a fun way to add to your party. You can rent the equipment and catalog of music. Includes, amp, speakers, karaoke machine, mic, & catalog of music. Great for weddings, parties, family reunions, & special occasions!

Home recording

Have you ever wanted to record your voice to your favorite Karaoke Song and give it to your friends and family. Now you can! Ask us and we'll help you. We can help you record your instrument and/or maybe a song you wrote. Have you ever wished you could record your child singing or playing an instrument, or a grand child or other family members for that special memory. Well now you can. We have a small home recording studio that can produce that  special  memory. Call us for details.

 Song Writing Services 

We can put your thoughts and words to music. We can help you give a special song to your love ones, family and/or friends for that special birthday, occasion, in memory of, and/or a special thought.  Upon request, some full band demos will be recorded using our Nashville, TN resource.  All other recordings are done in our home studio.  Prices vary

Song Writing Music samples below

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Music Samples